Member tools and resources

Member tools and resources

Get the most out of your benefits with our member tools and resources. Find information on what’s available to you as a member, estimate your costs for care, receive tips on how to live a healthier life, and get answers to your benefits questions.

  • Flex expense calculator

    Estimate your annual out-of-pocket costs, look up eligible health care expenses and see your estimated tax savings for your health care account.

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  • Health education library

    Explore resources you need to better understand your health, current symptoms and conditions, and receive tips on fitness, nutrition and preventative care.

    Signing in to your account gives you full access to this tool.

  • Member FAQ

    Search our member FAQ to find answers to common benefits questions you may be asking.

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Healthy You

Healthy You magazine is an educational resource for UMR members and provides information about the tools and resources available from UMR as a part of our member online services.

*Available features and benefits are dependent on products and features included in your health plan. Not all members will have access to all features shown.